From the Dust of the Earth: Benedict XVI, the Bible, and the Science of Human Origins. Current writing project, not officially titled.

The Experiment of Faith: Benedict XVI on Living the Theological Virtues in a Secular Age. Forthcoming from Catholic University of America Press, 2020.

The Catholic Church, Ecumenism, and Interreligious Dialogue.  Forthcoming from Sophia Institute Press.  In process of being edited, not officially titled.

Jesus, Interpreted: Benedict XVI, Bart Ehrman, and the Historical Truth of the Gospels. Washington, DC: Catholic University of America Press, 2017.

Reviews: Aleteia (June 2017); Nova et Vetera (forthcoming); The Heythrop Journal (forthcoming)

Dark Passages of the Bible: Engaging Scripture with Benedict XVI and Thomas Aquinas Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 2013.

Reviews: First Things (April 2014): 64; Scripta Theologica 46 (April 2014): 239-40;  Franciscan Way (Summer 2014): 11; New Blackfriars vol. 96, issue 1061: 108–109 (January 2015); Theology 118:2 (March/April 2015): 130-31; Nova et Vetera (Spring 2016): 707-712.

Towards a Theology of Scripture: Joseph Ratzinger’s “Method C” Hermeneutic and Sacra Doctrina on the Afterlife in the Old Testament.  Ann Arbor, MI: UMI, 2009.

Contributing author

She Orders All Things Sweetly: Sacra Doctrina and the Sapiential Unity of Theology. Currently under review with an academic press.

Chapter: “The Virtue of Faith according to Pope Benedict XVI: A Theology Both Ancient and New” 

Ressourcement after Vatican II: Essays in Honor of Joseph Fessio, S.J. San Francisco: Ignatius Press (forthcoming).

Chapter: “The Theological Mind and Method of Pope Benedict XVI as Revealed in His Catechetical Instructions”

The Reception of Vatican II. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017.

Chapter: “Reception of the Second Vatican Council’s Decree on Ecumenism”

Wisdom and the Renewal of Catholic Theology: Essays in Honor of Matthew L. LambEugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2016.

Chapter: “Biblical Inspiration in the Theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Father Matthew Lamb.”

Reading Sacred Scripture with Thomas Aquinas: Hermeneutical Tools and New Perspectives. Textes et Études du Moyen Âge Series. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols, 2015.

Chapter: “In the Beginning: Aquinas, Benedict XVI, and the Book of Genesis.” 


Collected essays of Jean-Pierre Torrell, O.P. forthcoming from an academic publisher (to be titled)

“Saint Thomas and Non-Christians.” Translation of Jean-Pierre Torrell, “Saint Thomas et les non-chrétiens,” Revue thomiste 106 (2006): 17-49.

“Saint Thomas and History.”  Translation of Jean-Pierre Torrell, “Saint Thomas Et l’histoire: état de la question et pistes de recherches,” Revue Thomiste 105 (2005): 355-409. 

“Theological Knowledge in St. Thomas Aquinas.”  Translation of Jean-Pierre Torrell, “Le savoir théologique chez saint Thomas,” Revue thomiste 96 (1996): 355-96.

“St. Thomas Aquinas’ Treatise on Prophecy and Theology of Revelation.” Translation of Jean-Pierre Torrell, “La Traité de la Prophétie de S. Thomas d’Aquin et la Théologie de la Révélation,” in La doctrine de la révélation divine de saint Thomas d’Aquin: actes du Symposium sur la pensée de saint Thomas d’Aquin, tenu a Rolduc, les 4 et 5 novembre 1989, 171-95.

Christ and Spirituality in St. Thomas Aquinas, Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of    America Press, 2011. 

Author’s Preface

Chapter 2: “Theology and Sanctity.” Translation of Jean-Pierre Torrell, “Théologie et sainteté,” Revue Thomiste 71 (1971): 205-21. 

Chapter 3:  “Charity as Friendship in St. Thomas Aquinas.” Translation of Jean-Pierre Torrell, “La charité commeamitié chez saint Thomas d’Aquin,” La Vie Spirituelle 81 (2001) 265-83. 

Chapter 4:  “The Interpreter of Desire: Prayer in St. Thomas Aquinas.” Translation of Jean-Pierre Torrell, “L’interprète du désir. La prière chez saint Thomas d’Aquin,” La Vie Spirituelle 84 (2004) 213-23.

The Eucharist Project.  An international team project aimed at making available all the eucharistic passages found in the Church Fathers for the first eight centuries of the Church with matching English translations—an endeavor never undertaken in the English language.  The publication date for this project has not yet been set.

Selections from the letters and sermons of Leo the Great (Latin)

Selections from Gelasius Cyzicenus (Greek)